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Using the Document Sharing Folder to Manage and Backup Saves.

RisingsunRisingsun Member Posts: 99
edited July 2012 in iPad (Archive)
Some games on the app store, like Broken Sword 1 and 2, let you mange your game save files via the Document Sharing folder.

I was hoping that the iPad version of BGEE would allow us to the same thing. That we can move, share and easily backup our saves since iPads are so prone to loss or damage. I know iCloud can help with some of this but having a local solution would be great too and iCloud doesn't allow for sharing with others and devices not associated with your ICloud., plus iCloud won't be ready until sometime after launch.

Another problem is if you need to delete the app from your device for any reason all of your game data disappears. So being able to pull the data off and back it up before you delete the app would be wonderful.

After all, this is a game upwards of 100 hous long and securing your save files I the event of accident or just getting a new iPad would bring me some piece of mind.


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