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2 major glitches I found.

I'm not gonna try reading through the mountain of threads to see if this exists so I'll post them here:

2 major glitches I feel are game breakers since it has to do with the interface screwing up and the mouse scrolling. If i alt tab in fullscreen mode, and tab back, I can't mouse scroll to the right or up. Clicking on a tab to the left like inventory fixes this till I alt tab again.

And the other bad one is, if you minimize the 2 side bars and alt tab, the interface hides the 2 buttons that allows you to open/close those 2 side bars therefore are unable to see the character portraits on the right and the other sidebars on the left. Although they do show up if I go into one of the left tabs like inventory or the character screen but when I come out, half the interface is missing on the bottom right/left, like the little time window that shows ingame time. And the portaits start to glitch out and sometimes are missing bits and overlap etc...


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