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3D Rendition of Candlekeep (WIP)

ZanianZanian Member Posts: 329
So I have been working on this little project on and off for the past few months. I have no idea when I will actually finish it, so I figured I'd just post what I have at the moment. My goal is to complete the entire zone, but I only have the concentration to do ~1 hour of work at a time, so yeah. Today I did the door, stairs and "ponds". Next time I'll do all those pesky windows, banners, plants and other details, so I'll have the castle itself finished before expanding.

I did all of it in Bryce, and there are still a lot of touch-ups and small changes needed here and there. Not to mention it hasn't even been in PS yet. Yup, it's very much still a WIP. 'Hope you'll enjoy though. ^^




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