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[bug] Doubling Dorn Discombobulation

Calamity_MCalamity_M Member Posts: 2
edited November 2013 in Fixed
Hi, long-time lurker, new poster. Just wanted to bring to someone's attention that there appears to be a qlitch with the Dorn companion:

When I first meet Dorn, I have Yeslick in my party. Yeslick chucks a hissy-fit when you offer to let Dorn travel with you and makes you choose between him and Dorn.

For some reason this clones Dorn. When you've accepted him into your party - and Yeslick has stormed off in a huff - there is a second Dorn standing next to the one in your party, waiting for you to speak to him.


Has anyone else had this problem?

I tried taking both Dorns, as I thought one would disappear and I wasn't sure which one I needed to do the quest; later when I got back to the Friendly Arms Inn I can ditch one (he goes and sulks in his corner) and get Yeslick back into the party (for some reason he's suddenly cool with the Dorn I still have around).

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