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Multiplayer locks up

PGilesPGiles Member Posts: 4
I'm writing on behalf of my dad whom I bought the game for. He prefers being able to play with a fully-created group in Multiplayer to single game, however there is a problem that he routinely experiences while playing. Often, he will hear a "ding" and the mouse cursor will pop up indicating "wait" but the game basically freezes. Sometimes he can play a multiplayer game for 5 hours without a problem, but usually it happens within 10 minutes of his game time.

And no, he's not playing it with anybody else. He wants to play single-player, he just wants to be able to create his own party so that's why he's on multi-player.

We are using Windows 7 Ultimate and the mouse cursor looks like that of Chrome's if that may be the problem.

Thanks for reading and any suggestions.


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