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Looking for 1 European player for full playthrough of the Baldur's Gate saga.

ThorzenThorzen Member Posts: 6
Me and a friend are looking for one european player (or someone in the european timezone which means close to CEST or UTC +2).

You should be able to play evenings 2-3 times a week, and maybe a day in the weekend now and then if we want to play for some more hours to really have some fun.

We aren't powergaming, as one of the fun parts of the BG Saga is that the battles often requires testing different tactics to overcome them, so you should be interested in playing as a class that will make the game challenging.

We are going for a full playthrough of BG:EE and then BG:2 afterwards and probably also ToB.

We currently already have a mage. So unless you want to fight for scrolls, you should preferably want to play something else :)

We do not plan to cheat in anyway except one: We plan to copy the Tomes of Wisdom, etc, so that each player gets one of each tome, so everyone gets +1 to all stats. We do this because if you had played singleplayer you would have gotten them all yourself anyway, so it isn't really cheating that way.

If you are interested, add Zeniues on skype or post here.


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