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Baldur's Gate 1 Multi-player

Draith012Draith012 Member Posts: 174
We've all played the game and we all know the plot line. However, I was curious if there will be anyone out there who would like to play a pnp version of it. The concept is to explore the game in a different light and use the skills and tools a bit outside the box instead the limitations of a game engine.
The general thoughline of the story is set to what you already know, but the way things happen will be different. NPC's and quests may also be relocated and redesigned. And main antagonists may not always be sitting in their assigned dungeon waiting for the party to encounter him/her. In fact, even time will change what villians and NPC's may be doing when you encounter them or if they personally seek you out.
The first notable difference is that Gorian is the foster father of 7 bhaal spawns (6 players + Imoen ). All bhaal spawns who die in the course of the adventure dies permanently (as the bhaal essense leaves your body, you are no longer resurrectable) thus take great care with the character you play. It will be his/her only life. Joinable NPC's, however, can be resurrected. Player's die at -10 Hit Points and all 2nd Edition Classes and Kits are allowed. Preferably, I would like the players that join to pick different classes but I will not ban anything at the moment.
Before I go into anymore details, I would like to see if there is any feed back on the concept or questions. So please feel free to post your thoughts or e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you.



  • ShadowTigerShadowTiger Member Posts: 60
    well... part of the fun of an adventure is not knowing what is going to happen. I would prefer to play a brand new story unless the point of it was to completely change how things happen.

    For example, instead of going to Nashkel, if you go straight to baldur's gate, it could totally change how the story progresses.

    I am also a bit confused as to how joinable NPCs would factor in the story either... I guess some people enjoy playing as them but I personally don't like any of them.

    I think it would be more fun if none of the characters where bhaal spawns and you ran a parallel adventure where they ran into the same areas and monsters but had a different motivation for being there.

  • Draith012Draith012 Member Posts: 174
    edited May 2013
    Well the idea of this is to have a living adventure. For example, Mulahey might of fled the mines when he figures his employers want to replace him or he could have already been assassinated. And the players would be free to head to Baldur's Gate in the beginning if they choose to. The point of the bhaal spawn is to give the players a uniting cause. Since I put in the restriction of permanent death then players would be severally discourage to play the tank, especially when playing level 1s as we know how quickly and fragile a character is at that point which is why I would use optional NPC's to help prevent extreme misfortune of a dice roll. But if the idea of being a parallel adventuring group seems more appealing then, I might just run that instead and permanent death wouldn't be implemented (with the exception of overwhelming damage like -20 and explosive flying chunks of meat everywhere). Plus it would allow players to rejoin as a new character if needed or new ones joining, so it's certainly an acceptable alternative.

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