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CTD upon entering Character Sheet/Inventory screen

FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
edited May 2013 in Fixed
Hello, it seems whatever divine power is in charge of my luck decided it hates me, as now my BG:EE installation is messing with me. Whenever I enter the character screen or the Inventory screen, I get a full game crash. The error message reads:

There was an error. A crash report was saved to: C:\Users\User\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\crash\dump.2014.0008.dmp.

It's very unspecific. I've included all of the crash dumps I received so far in this post. All I did to this game was alter the baldur.ini file to contain the line that unlocks the console, never doing anything with it.

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  • NathanNathan Member Posts: 1,007
    @Fycadius thanks for the crash dump, I've forwarded it along.

  • OlleDenStoreOlleDenStore Member Posts: 43
    I'm getting this as well. Worked fine before I installed the latest update.

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    It's been a full month and yet this problem persists. I assure you nothing about the situation has changed. My current patch is v1.0.2104 as of this day.

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    I know this is thread necromancy but to hell with it. This problem STILL persists, even through the new patch.

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    No I have not. I have the vanilla version of Baldur's Gate Enhanced, patched to the current version. The only modification I have made is to enable the command line from ingame.

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    Thank you for responding again. I had a sinking feeling when this happened. We'll see what the devs can do.

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    I've re-reported this to have the guys look at the crash dumps. However, this isn't widely reported, so I would guess it has something to do with your setup. What video card/chipset do you have? Have you updated to the latest drivers? You may also want to delete the game and re-install.

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    According to the magnificence that is DxDiag, this is what my setup is: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470/GeForce GTX 470 Chip (4049 MB approx. memory). Driver version (updated on 26/02/2013). I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling and post back when I'm done.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    can you attach the save file please? I'm not sure how to read the crash dumps but I can work with the crash itself.

    It's happening every time you enter the character sheet and the inventory still? There was an issue like that with an offhand weapon breaking and stats trying to be read out of it.

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    Sure, here is every save folder I could salvage after the uninstallation process started. And yes, it happened on every save, at any point in the game after enabling the console.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    hmmm, no crash on the beta, prototype or main code.

    could you attach you ini as well please?

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    Baldur.ini is in My Documents/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition correct? It's the file with the gear on it?

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    ah, can't attach them here I guess. if you open it with notepad or something and copy out the contents maybe. Here's mine just in case it fixes your problem.

    CREATE TABLE options (
    section string,
    name string,
    value string
    INSERT INTO options ROWS (
    'MOVIES', 'INTRO', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Strref On', '0',
    'Program Options', 'First Run', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Full Screen', '0',
    'Graphics', 'IsZoomed', '0',
    'Graphics', 'Width', '1444',
    'Graphics', 'Height', '861',
    'Game Options', 'Footsteps', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Memory Level', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Mouse Scroll Speed', '36',
    'Game Options', 'GUI Feedback Level', '6',
    'Game Options', 'Locator Feedback Level', '3',
    'Game Options', 'Bored Timeout', '3000',
    'Game Options', 'Always Dither', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Subtitles', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Keyboard Scroll Speed', '36',
    'Game Options', 'Command Sounds Frequency', '2',
    'Game Options', 'Selection Sounds Frequency', '3',
    'Game Options', 'Effect Text Level', '63',
    'Game Options', 'Infravision', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Weather', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Tutorial State', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Attack Sounds', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Auto Pause State', '129',
    'Game Options', 'Auto Pause Center', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Difficulty Level', '2',
    'Game Options', 'Quick Item Mapping', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Environmental Audio', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Heal Party on Rest', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Terrain Hugging', '0',
    'Game Options', 'HP Over Head', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Critical Hit Screen Shake', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Hotkeys On Tooltips', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Area Effects Density', '100',
    'Game Options', 'Duplicate Floating Text', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Tiles Precache Percent', '100',
    'Game Options', 'Pausing Map', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Extra Feedback', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Filter Games', '1',
    'Game Options', 'All Learn Spell Info', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Visual Range', '100',
    'Program Options', 'Font Name', '',
    'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Double Byte Character Support', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Drop Capitals', '1',
    'Program Options', '3D Acceleration', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '30',
    'Program Options', 'Path Search Nodes', '32000',
    'Program Options', 'Tooltips', '60',
    'Program Options', 'Translucent Shadows', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Sprite Mirror', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Gamma Correction', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Brightness Correction', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Backwards Compatible 3d', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Movie', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Music', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Voices', '40',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Ambients', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Volume SFX', '40',
    'Program Options', 'Display Subtitles', '1',
    'Lua Edit', 'String0', 'CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(1000000000) ',
    'Lua Edit', 'String1', 'CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(1000000000)',
    'Lua Edit', 'String2', 'CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("MINSC")',
    'Lua Edit', 'String3', 'CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()',
    'Lua Edit', 'String4', 'CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR0200")',
    'Lua Edit', 'String5', 'CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()',
    'Lua Edit', 'String6', 'CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR0200")',
    'Lua Edit', 'String7', 'CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()',
    'Lua Edit', 'String8', 'CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR0200")',
    'Lua Edit', 'String9', 'CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()',
    'OVERRIDES', 'fonts', '',
    'OVERRIDES', 'ui', '',
    'OVERRIDES', 'trent', '',
    'MOVIES', 'DEATHAND', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'FRARMINN', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'REST', '1',
    'Window', 'Full Screen', '0',
    'Window', 'x', '495',
    'Window', 'y', '410',
    'Window', 'w', '1532',
    'Window', 'h', '863',
    'Window', 'Maximized', '0',
    'MOVIES', 'MINEFLOD', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'NASHKELL', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'BLACKPIT', '1',
    'Graphics', 'Hardware Mouse Cursor', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'RESTINN', '1',
    'Keymap Action', 'Stealth', '0',
    'MOVIES', 'CAMP', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Color Circles', '1',
    'Language', 'Text', 'en_US',
    'Multiplayer', 'Last Protocol Used', '2',
    'Multiplayer', 'Player Name', 'tester',
    'Multiplayer', 'Session Password', 'tests',
    'Multiplayer', 'Session Name', 'testing',
    'Multiplayer', 'Default Permissions', '00000001',
    'Multiplayer', 'Pausing Dialog', '0',
    'Multiplayer', 'Import Character', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'BGENTER', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'RESTDUNG', '1',
    'MOVIES', 'WRECK', '1',
    'Graphics', 'Scale UI', '1'

  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    I just saved what you gave me as the new text in the baldur.ini. The game is almost done reinstalling so I will inform you if it works or not.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    good luck. I'll check yours as well

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
  • FycadiusFycadius Member Posts: 12
    The problem has finally been fixed. I can now open the character sheet/inventory without a CTD. Thank you very much everyone who helped out over this massive 1-month long issue.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    sorry it took so long.

    watch out for Boo, he bites

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