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EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
Greetings Modding Forum,

I know the Mur'Neth mod was created by @Andyr, but apparently he hasn't been active here since October, and I'm not sure how to get ahold of him. If he is about, his input would be appreciated.

Anyway, long-story short, after being inspired by an awesome picture of a Ghaunadan ( I wanted to try the Mur'Neth NPC mod. But it doesn't work with BGEE. Not one to be deterred but having basically zero IE modding knowledge, I used the default Mac text editor and pottered around in the .tp2 and the .dlg files and changing all the Tutu installation file references to BGEE ones (largely consisting of removing underscores and changing FWs to ARs in Area Codes). Anyway, after some jury-rigging and lot of failed installations (I basically went back every time there was an error and edited the files), I got it to successfully install. He is sitting in the Nashkel mine and I can get him on my team, his dialogue seems to work (though I can't say for his conversations with the NPCs), his abilities are there and function. His portrait didn't work, so I gave him a custom one for convenience, but you could presumably resize his old one.

However, his voice doesn't play. The files didn't copy during installation due to apparently not having the correct permissions. I tried copying them manually into the Override folder, but that doesn't seem to have had any effect. I noticed they are all .ogg files, and wondered if maybe they were coded in a way that meant they couldn't be played by EE.

Anyway, can anyone offer some wisdom on why the voice files didn't work, and possible advice for fixing the issue?

Thanks in advance!




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