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Gifts you can get from charmed NPCs *SPOILERS*

JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
As promised, here's the list:
- The nobleman on the first floor of Winthrop's inn gives you 20 gold—once. Before the patch, it was unlimited.
- A nobleman on the second floor of the Friendly Arm Inn entrusts you with a flamedance prevent it from being stolen.
- The woman in the house north of Landrin's tells you she wishes she could run away with you and gives you a silver ring to remember her by.
- The three smiths in Thunderhammer Smithy each give you a suit of chain mail.
- Gerard Travenhurst, in the Beregost mansion, gives you a gold ring from his childhood.
- The Gullykin boy in the second house from the right gives you a potion of invulnerability.
- Any of the three halfling women in Gullykin will put Firewine Bridge on your map while warning you not to go there.
- Hentol, on the map south of Durlag's Tower, gives you Heart of the Golem (dagger +2). He also does this if he isn't charmed, with different lines.
- On the map southeast of the Nashkel mines, Lena gives you all her money (4 gold) to bring Samuel to safety.
- In Chapter 3, if you visit one of the abandoned caravans south of the Friendly Arm Inn, you'll be attacked by a gang of bandits. If you charm their leader, Deke, he'll put the Bandit Camp on your map.
- Tranzig will also put the Bandit Camp on your map and update the appropriate journal entries.
- Brevlik, the gnome in the Elfsong who wants you to steal a telescope, gives you 50 gold and then 20 gold.
- Ithtyl, a waitress on the second floor of Three Old Kegs, gives you 20 gold and then says she's occupied by financial matters.
- Areana, the noblewoman on the third floor of Three Old Kegs, gives you 500 gold and a bloodstone gem if you had agreed to kill Cyrdemac for her.
- The two noblemen in the Low Lantern each give you up to 20 gold in 10 gp increments to gamble with.
- The two male commoners on the first level of the Low Lantern each give you up to 3 gold in 1 gp increments to start off your night.
- The merchant on the third floor of the Iron Throne gives you 25 gold.
- Marek hands over the antidote. If you do this on your first meeting, you can bypass the quest for 10,000 XP. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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