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BGEE "Bantering" RP Playthrough (easy mode, minimal reload) - Our living BG1NPC

Starting outside of Candlekeep, CHARNAME and 3 fellow adventurers must survive against the odds and run the whole BGEE campaing in a multiplayer game (or whatever storyline the party finds out). All participating players must roleplay their characters, bantering with CHARNAME and each other (in a similar way joinable NPCs do).

Easy mode. No pausing. No resting just for spells. No alignments that may crash gameplay (CE and LG in the same party, unless whole group decides to make it work). Minimal reload (detailed below)

4 players will be the core, respecting the follow:
MAGE (CHARNAME): wizard, sorcerer, or bard. CHARNAME is favored, because of "Find familiar" spell.
FIGHTER: fighter, ranger, paladin, barbarian. Melee and high AC (tank).
PRIEST: cleric, druid, ranger, paladin. High AC and healing (divine scrolls).
ROGUE: thief, bard, ranger, monk. Stealth and skill (scout, trap-dealer).

- All characters must have exactly 80 as total score (u can reroll as many times as you want, but you cant use more or less than 80 points, considered after racial modification).
- Any multi/dual classe are allowed, as long one of those classes are in the proper role (PRIEST may be a Cleric/Fighter, the ROGUE can be a thief that dual to mage, etc.). Be careful not to let your party down, though (dual classing a thief may leave party without trap-dealer for dangerous time, in example)
- TRADE LEADER: CHAR with highest charisma score is responsible for dealing with trade (gold and such). The lowest charisma score will be the last in equipment/loot share priority.
- GROUP LEADER: CHAR with highest wisdom is responsible for leading the group, telling where to go and what to do.
- Although CHARNAME must be the MAGE, anyone/everyone may be the "main char" of BGEE (Gorion's pupil). Or you may build your own background (whomever the players want to roleplay). Just keep in mind that the party wont split up, so build arguments and rivalties with ease.

- easy game. since we are not resting at will, pausing for tactics, and minimal reloading, easy game fits perfectly on this multiplayer "challenge".
- no pausing. try to form tactics through IC chat, because you wont be able to carefully plan your fireball casting in the heat of the battle.
- no unnecesary rest. Party may only rest if at an inn or if over half of the party is exausted. And since its minimal load, rest outside at your own risk.
- minimal reload: if main character is killed and the game is loaded, he/she must conjure FIND FAMILIAR and then have its familiar killed. In other words, Loading will drain 1 point of constitution PERMANENTLY. (Alternatively, we may use the Donation to Temple if you dont want to lose Con, but since it's gold business, the TRADE LEADER must decide it for you (unless you are the TRADE LEADER, of course!)
- Players must log with their PCs names, helping identification on the Text Box; OOC speaking should be identified between *apostrophes* or (parentheses)

- Roleplaying your character is the main goal, but keep in mind that by doing so we want to achieve fun and enjoyment for the entire group. Be wise, IC and OOC. Specially about romance, drama and evil-related themes.
- If a player is missing, she or he will be removed from the party for that time. The player must reload previous character next game session, or the group will rejoin with him then to resume the adventure.



  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    This sounds awesome! Just the in-character RP for four players in a multiplayer game would make this a great time.

    I would think the party would tend to seek the safety of an inn in order to rest whenever it can.

    Have you actually played such a game @Itomon?

    How is multiplayer working with BG:EE these days?
  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    I've been successful in multiplaying through Hamachi, with @littlefrog38. We'll have to go through a "test" for this 4-player game.

    I'd say Hamachi is easy to handle, almost "noob-friendly". We did some RP "in character", but we couldnt play without pausing because he was controlling more than 1 character (just 2 would be rough).

    Im avaliable for all the testing and setup that may be needed. The only issue is about scheduling: I'm from Brazil (UCT-3) and i can only play after midnight (or after 3AM UCT-0)!

    You can reach me at Skype (username: Itomon). Or we could check this thread: and join this guy at Hamachi.
  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    I wish I had time to do this. If you can assemble two more players please keep us posted about how it goes!
  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    Im totally up for that, ill add you on skype .
    Btw hamachi isnt rly needed anymore, cept for those like fox who cant setup their router/firewalls.
    MP works almost flawlessly now apart from the matchmaking, that's still kinda buggy. If you can manage to start a game tho, you can almost be sure it wont go wrong (aside from anoyne with bad internet or whatnot).
  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    Yea, i'm one of those who was unable to setup router. Sorry bout that.
    I wont be avaliable for playing today (i got a RP event scheduled on WoW... ^^'), but I hope we can get in touch through skype and start making arrangements ASAP for this gaming.

    Alas, we need +2 ppl to make it work properly, or maybe we can try playing with each player controlling 2 characters (but i strongly hope we can join as suggested in OP)
  • littlefrog38littlefrog38 Member Posts: 4
    With me we only need one more person to have a good party. By the way, we should turn off the xp cap when we play. However that would work.
  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    edited June 2013
    Fine by me, we now just need to set up the time (and day) to play. I have a brazilian friend who is willing to play with us, so the party is ready to go.

    @littlefrog38 - prolly a Sorcerer, filling the MAGE role
    Me - (i'll pick last, so feel free to choose ur roles)
    and my Friend "KiotoBoy" - who is willing to be the FIGHTER, if none object

    This friend of mine is already in our Hamachi channel, "itomon-bgee" - and the password i'll send by Skype. It will be awesome!! ^^
  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    edited June 2013
    EDIT: Still deciding between those 2:

    When asked about his past, REDLEAF says he has lots of complains, but no regrets.

    He says he was born in the mystic forest of Duskwood, or Mistwood, or Everwood.. the name keeps changing, along with the description, direction and major details. He is proud to say that no man or dwarf will ever be able to lay his eyes on this legendary homeland, but also states that the place was really boring, and that leaving it was a great deal to him: now he can get all the fun there is in dwelling with travellers, adventures and challenges.

    Redleaf shows no love for tradition, stability, or peace - his tales, whether he’s the protagonist or not, are full of fantasy and adventure and excitement, which seems to be the very goals he pursue for himself. Despite his lack of discipline, he bears gifted talents with arcane arts and archery, and his good-passionate-heart equals his annoying tendency to drink more than his elven endurance would find reasonable.


    When asked about her past, VIL has little words to share. ”Better move on”, she would say with sadness.

    She bears scars of physical pain, and it is known that she lives in Candlekeep long before you can remember. Gorion and other monks treat her well and with care, but she often seeks solitude and shows little interest for social interaction. She is loyal, though, and fearsome - stronger than most men that you know, she helps the garrison of the Keep with skilled swordsplay, and sometimes hunts for food (but never for sports).

    Gorion was one of a few that managed to get some of Vil’s attention, with the help of stories in the books. She seems unable to read books by herself, limited to simple words of the common languages, but she does not hide her growing interest in stories of adventures and glory. Her preferred tales bring stories of overcoming difficulties, epic battles, and glorious bravery.


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  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    Still partial to the first one myself.
    I'll be filling the cleric role then, stats arent the best what with 80 points and all but it should fit my role pretty well. I also made a little bio to give it some flavour and actually give him a purpose for being in Candlekeep :P



  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    Adding Backgrounds was a great idea. I crafted BG for my 2 main opts for ROGUE, one CG and one LE. Guess its up to the rest of the party to sees which one fits better

    - Redleaf, an elf seeking adventure, excitement and a booze
    - Vil, an elf with scars and great STR, haunted by her own ghosts
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