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Question About MultiPlayer

LeonLeon Member Posts: 83
Hey to all, i wanted to play BG multi years ago- now i bought this game but i need to know IP adress of someone who plays the game. The problem is - i dont have any friends who play BG and i dont know how to use teamspeak. I have skype and steam, so if someone wants to play.
I read the rules u shouldnt post details about skype\msn or steam so if someones wants to play write it here and i will add ya in one of this programs.
Really excited to play multi... i imagined the game would have rooms or lobby that we connect to.


  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    There will be rooms and lobby to play BGEE soon, as it was announced beforehand.

    Till then, I've been using Hamachi to run the game and it was very easy to handle. Take a look on other threads in this forum that may help you set up a multiplayer game that fits your interests. Good luck and may Tymora smile upon you

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