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New Player looking for a group to playthrough

ARustedKnightARustedKnight Member Posts: 1
As it states, I'm new to the game, and I would really enjoy having a group to play through this game with.


  • AaronJHAaronJH Member Posts: 1
    I would love to do a multiplayer game. I have played through BG1 and part way through BGT.
    I do believe we would have to have the same mods for a multi to work.
    Here is a link to the list of mods I have installed as well as the instructions and order of installation
    I would play it without anything if you are not interested in modding; but I must say it is really easy and well worth the effort. The game is so much better this way (at least in my opinion).
    Let me know what you think.

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    It's probably going to be alot better to start off unmodded, besides, most of those mods are things the EE uses and improves upon anyway.
    I wouldnt mind joining either way, but i dont feel like playing through chapter 1 and then have everyone leave again :)
    So if there's enough ppl willing to get to it, you can sign me up.

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