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IWD: all-fighter party?

ZeckulZeckul Member Posts: 1,031
I was thinking something mildly retarded among the following lines:

Fighters kick ass
Hence 6 fighters would kick ass * 6

Then the neurons kicked in and the following doubts materialized in my mind:
- A rogue is necessary (I guess?), so one of the fighters could multi/dual to thief
- Perhaps I'd be missing on class/stat-specific quests, I don't the game well enough to tell?
- Perhaps I just won't have that many great weapons and armors to equip all these guys

Any thoughts? I'd like to make a really melee-heavy party but not miss on too much of the quest content and still have it be "balanced".


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  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 396
    You get a couple of good weapons of most every type throughout the game, so as long as you don't pick long sword specialization (or any other single weapon type) for every single person you should be good.

    Fighter does not automatically equate to melee. Two archers (One with longbow and one with crossbow perhaps?), two two handers, and two shield users should keep you covered.

    Yeah you need one rogue.

    Don't think you NEED any specific other class to beat the game or or extra quests, but some classes unlock extra dialogue, rewards, xp, whatever.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,383
    a cleric and mage would be useful, if you want to melee then all then level up till you hit level 9, then dual one fighter into a cleric; thief; mage, you might need some healing spells since I don't think there is enough potions for an all fighter party, so that is why the cleric would be helpful ( plus icewind dale clerics have a crap load of good buffy spells, but if this is just meant to be straight up bash 'em, then just focus on healing spells) and having a mage type can be helpful for summons and haste, unlike bg2/ bgee when you dual class in icewind dale you cants add proficiency points pass what you already have, for example: if you were a level 7 fighter with for points in mace, then dualed over to a cleric, and once you hit level 8, you would not be able to add the fifth point into mace, so if you do some dual classing hit 5 stars in your preferred weapon that you wish to use for that character before you dual him over ( and plus I believe you can never go pass 3 points in bows, which is kind of weak, but I guess they did that for balance load of nonsense :) )

  • Night_WatchNight_Watch Member Posts: 514
    fighter/cleric+fighter/mage+fighter/thief+fighter x3 (or fighter x2 if you want a fighter/druid)=Fighter Spam! XD

    i did something like this once. the only things i changed was i took out two of the fighters and replaced them with a paladin (leader) and a ranger and then i took out the fighter/mage and fighter/thief and instead had a fighter/mage/thief and one pure cleric. it's so much fun! especially against swarms of enemies like the lizardmen, yuan ti, wights in the cave before the Marilith general's area and the wights at Dorn's Deep w/ the lich. never bothered with turn undead because it was too much fun watching everyone go to work. what's nice about a fighter party is that you can use a lot of the weapons effectively instead of just picking them up and selling them at Kuldahar (which is nice as well) I took that team from IWD to HoW and TotL then back to IWD. it was epic. the only real issue i had was keeping all my melee guys (which was everyone except the ranger) up to date with good gear. there's only so much full plate mail at the Spine of the World apparently -.-

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    A single fighter can solo the game, so 6 fighters can as well, you'll just have to stagger weapon usage to ensure there's enough good stuff to go around.

    You do miss out on some opportunities if you lack other classes, but nothing to stop you from winning the game.

  • ImperatorImperator Member Posts: 154
    I once sort-of RPed the game with 6 fighters, who would then discover their talents and dual to mages, thieves and clerics and so forth. Can't remember whether I finished it, though.

  • BattlehamsterBattlehamster Member Posts: 298
    Why not this?

    1 Pally - Leader/Healer
    2 Shield Tank fighters
    2 Barbarians for DPS - (Don't let them forget their Miniature Giant Space Hamsters!)
    1 Thief, level thief stats up to get through the game and then dual to a fighter

    Originally I had 2 ranger archers in there but this sounds a lot better I think if you are going for an all-melee brawl in your game.

  • ZeckulZeckul Member Posts: 1,031
    edited August 2013
    I ended up going with a party recommended by "kmonster" at (

    1) human fighter3/druid dualclass (+++ sling, ++ sword) 18/..-18-18-3-17-17
    2) human cleric5or9/illusionist dualclass (sling, mace, hammer, flail) 14+-18-16-18-15+-3
    3) human ranger7/cleric dualclass (++ sling, ++ mace, ++ flail) 18/00-18-18-3-18-3
    4) half-elf bard (bow, halberd, greatsword, crossbow) 14+-18-16-18-3-15+
    5) dwarf fighter/thief (++ bow, ++ dagger, ++ long sword) 18/00-17-19-useless
    6) gnome axe fighter (good aligned, +++++ axes, ++ bows) 18/00-18-18-useless

    It's a bit far from my pure fighter party idea but there are still three fighter-based characters + 1 ranger-based one, and it has good class variety. The gnome fighter is truly kickass once he equips the Helm of the Trusted Defender (-3 AC wut?), although I haven't found any magical axe yet. The only problem with cleric5 dual-class is that my cleric hit level 5 midway through Kresselak's dungeon, where I still was heavily reliant on Turn Undead to stay alive. Needless to say the rest of the dungeon was a royal pain in the ass.

  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    I think the only problem a party of 6 Fighters would really run into is the lack of ability to find/disarm traps and pick locks well... Or, locks could possibly dealt with forcing them, traps are not always a good idea to disarm with your face.

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