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IWD - Install issues

BattlehamsterBattlehamster Member Posts: 298
So a few days ago I found out that chronologically IWD occurs way before BG. Now, I want to beat IWD before I fully commit to finishing off my BG run to do a full chronologically correct run. Problem is, I can't install the game. Everytime I attempt to install it, it opens up a setup.exe command line...but the install program doesn't actually fire up meaning I click install, the autoplay menu closes and then.....nada. The odd thing is, IWD 2 BG, and BG2/ToB work and install just fine.

Things I have tried already:

1.) Ran the setup program in compatibility mode
2.) Ran setup straight from the CD
3.) Made an image of the CD - same results as running the disk (not much of a surprise there)

Things I have thought of trying but haven't yet:

1.) The game is installed on my brother's PC. I've considered a hard-transfer of all the raw files to a flash drive and just use the copy/paste method to copy all the files onto my computer. Theoretically, once the game is installed any issues should be fixed by the HoW patch/engine overhaul and it should be smooth sailing.

2.) Something something making a 32-bit setup file somehow compatible with a 64-bit OS - not entirely sure how or if this needs to be done, or if it would have any impact at all.

Anyone have any other tips I haven't thought of yet?


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