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Can we have the Half-Orc avatar back for BG2:EE?

RedGuardRedGuard Member Posts: 672
edited August 2013 in Feature Requests
Thought I'd ask for this again since it was never implemented in BG:EE and the team is working on BG2:EE. I think it's more important we have them back in BG2:EE since it was the game in which they were originally introduce. While the BG:EE's are a nice effort they just don't stand up to the look of the original Conan-like/bruiser type Half-Orcs from BG2. I really do think BG2:EE could benefit from the better style and more professional looking original Hal-Orc inventory avatars.


Order is: Fighter, Cleric, thief and same order for the females.


Order is the same as BG2 half-orcs, only with the armoured, unarmoured versions switched.

Plus it does arguably suit Dorn's portrait on how he is depicted as a Half-Orc


There's a bit more in this thread where I made the request for BG:EE which is archived here.

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