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New Kits for classes...



  • MathmickMathmick Member Posts: 326
    Personally I'd like Beamdog to come up with their own kits. To be honest it seems lazy to take from D&D manuals even though the rules are based on D&D.

  • DahrikDahrik Member Posts: 5
    Valchist said:

    their is a bladesinger in 2e it is a fighter/mage kit exclusively for elves it is in the complete book of elves

    I know. The Complete Book of Elves took a lot of flak for making things that were a bit too powerful. That was what I meant by sort of a touchy thing with some 2e folk.

  • KaigenKaigen Member Posts: 1,567
    Southpaw said:

    I actually also don't think the way dual-wielding is implemented realistically - usually it was one longer+one shorter or 2 shorter weapons. One of the mods I used in BGTutu bundled Katana+Wakizashi proficiency together - which was much more logical.

    I think this is an artifact of how few (if any) games bothering to to represent how difficult it can be to use a large weapon in a confined space or against a very close opponent. Without that bit of simulation, one weapon can be ideal for all situations, and it usually ends up being the bigger one. I sometimes shake my head wondering how the idea that Dwarves, a race known for mining and tunneling, should have an affinity for axes even got started, as I'm pretty sure swinging an axe around in a confined tunnel is a great way to get it stuck in a wall/broken.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited September 2013
    Even in 2nd Edition DnD, dual-wielding requires Larger/smaller or two daggers or they suffer non-proficiency penalties when dual-wielding.

    It takes ** Two weapon style (pnp version) to allow same size dual-wielding, even for rangers who normally never suffer any DWing penalty as long as they wear armor with a base AC no greater then 6 and use a smaller off-hand, unless using Dual-daggers.

    PnP Two-Weapon -

    0 = -4/-6
    * = -2/-4, requires a smaller off-hand, except for dual-daggers.
    **= 0/-2, can wield same size weapons at no penalty.

    Normal Character with * Two weapon, large/small = -2/-4
    Normal character with ** Two weapon, large/small = 0/-2
    Normal Character with * two weapon, Large/large = -4/-6
    Normal character with ** two weapon, large/large = 0/-2

    (Ambidexterity character trait (cost 2 NCP) (Player Options:Skills & Powers): Removes the penalty (-2) for using the non-dominate hand for actions, including combat and NCP use. All rangers are assumed to be Ambidextrous due to special training.)

    (Ranger dual-wielding (2nd Ed PHB): As long as a ranger is wearing armor with a base AC of 6 or worse and wielding a smaller weapon then their main hand (except dual-daggers) the ranger suffers no penalty for dual-wielding.)

    Ranger (AC6), Large/small = 0/0

    Ranger (AC5), large/small = -4/-4
    Ranger (AC6), Large/large = -4/-4

    Ranger (AC5), * two-weapon, large/small = -2/-2
    Ranger (AC6), * two-weapon, large/large = -4/-4

    Ranger (AC no longer matter), ** two-weapon, large/large = 0/0



    Axes are excellent close quarter weapons, depending on the design. Obviously you don't want some huge honky great axe in a tight tunnel, but a standard battle axe (looks nothing like those massive things seen in typical fantasy) is perfect for it due to being able to apply a lot of crushing/penetrating force in a small amount of space, and if it's got a pick on the other end, can be used for penetrating armor/thick hides.

    They probably started out with regular mining picks, and as their culture began to become more martial, adapted them to regular axes, since the only real difference between a pick-axe (loosening and digging soil) and battle-axe with a pick (lopping of limbs/penetrating armor), with how the blade part is designed.

    Also noted that Axes are much easier/faster to craft then swords (any blacksmith can knock out a good axe quickly, but swords require a specialist touch...I should know, I do both)

  • SouthpawSouthpaw Member Posts: 2,026
    @ZanathKariashi - you know what would be actually really awesome? If the devs added some common Daggers, Wakizashis or Short Swords "Defender" that would have some smaller (+1/+2) bonus, but would confer -2AC. (And would be supposed to be held in the offhand). That would actually be quite realistic.
    I know there is a KATANA again with -2AC vs ToB.
    At least there IS one wakizashi that grants ToB.

    @Kaigen - I think the idea came from Pickaxe.

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