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Project Image & CC behaviour

AntonAnton Member, Moderator, Mobile Tester Posts: 513
edited November 2012 in Original BG2 Bugs
Current behavior. I'll just quote:
Redcoat said:

- Cast Chain Contingency, fill it with three Project Images, set it to fire "When Helpless." Then cast a Project Image, which causes your caster to be come immobilised, which fires the contingency, giving you three more Projected Images, for a total of our. Now you have four copies of yourself, each with its own copy of all your spells. And each Projected Image ignores the limit on summoned creature, so each one can cast up to six Planetars, for a total of 24 Planetars if you use all your Projected Images. Almost nothing in the game has a snowball's chance in hell of dealing with that.

Expected behavior
Projected Images should be capped at 1 (Same for Simulacrum & Mislead).
Max controlled monster amount should also be fixed.

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