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Wanted: person who compiles programs

WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
I'm looking for someone who can provide assistance by compiling programs for current versions of OS X. (If none can be found, mod compatibility with OS X is going to suffer.)

First, it seems we are in need of TISPack compiled for OS X x86-64. To my knowledge, the program is only currently available in PPC form.

TISPack is written in C and requires zlib and libjpeg (the independent JPEG group's JPEG library). There are some compile instructions included. However, be advised that TISPack was implicitly written for a 32-bit architecture. On GNU/Linux, this "only" results in compiler warnings, but perhaps it will cause problems.

Secondly, there is WeiDU, without which all hope is lost. The past few beta versions were built for OS X x86-64 by @Nifft, but I haven't heard from him in a few months. In the unfortunate event he should no longer be available, someone else will need to step up and provided OS X builds.

WeiDU is written in OCaml, with a smattering of C. There are (hopefully helpful) instructions for how to build WeiDU here.

WeiDU is getting close to a (BGEE/BG2EE-compatible) stable version, but we are not there quite yet. If you think you may be able to help, please have a go at building WeiDU and get in touch. I'll keep you apprised of when it'd be nice to have an OS X build (your option of all versions, or only stable versions).


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