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Modding and Enhanced Editions

TasrayaTasraya Member Posts: 15
If I'm in the wrong place with this question, you have my apologies! I did glance through the stickied tutorial topic, as well as how to get older mods to work with BG:EE. My question, however, is this: Are there any special caveats to writing a mod for the Enhanced Edition games? I've loved the Baldur's Gate games for years, and in times past, I'd toyed around with writing a mod of my own. With the Enhanced Edition for BG2 coming out not too far in the future, my ideas about modding have been reasserting themselves.

I'm at least somewhat familiar with WeiDU code, so I do know the basics of getting myself started, but are there any particular things of which to be aware when thinking about modding specifically for Enhanced Edition games? If I'd be better off asking this sort of question elsewhere, please forgive me!


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