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BG2EE noober and neeber should go to hell! *spoilers*

I don't even know why I randomly thought of this today, but I thought about the hell trials in BG2 while thinking of noober and neeber and came up with something epic. If we kill neeber in BG2 it should be assumed that we killed noober in BG1 and we should get to meet them in hell, at the same time! (oh god, as if one isn't enough!) I want to see these guys down there. An additional trial where to be good you must manage to ignore them this time and if you are evil and attack them then they multiply a bunch until finally they just all disappear into a demon to fight :D the demon continues to even ask questions!

yes I am kind of just kidding here. would be awesome for sure, but I do not expect this to ever happen. We should get a modder around for the revenge of noober and neeber :)

anybody else got some crazy idea you want to share anyway? I just couldn't keep this to myself :)



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