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Help me sleep. Is this dialogue found in vanilla or is this a mod?

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
I remember this very clearly from vanilla with totsc and the patch. It was voiced... It started as soon as you entered the Gnoll Stronghold with Minsc, Jaheria and Khalid in the party.

Minsc - Yes! This is the den of evil where they hold sweet Dynaheir! Onward friends, onward!

Khalid - Hold, good Minsc. We should f-first study the p-place, lest we fall into an ambush.

Minsc - Ambush? Is that some kind of hole, that we can fall into?

Khalid - No. It's a k-kind of shrub with long, hard thorns.

Minsc - What?... oh, thank you, Boo. Minsc understands now. No fear, my friend, Boo shall sniff out any gnoll stupid enough to try and ambush us!!! Onward I day!

Khalid - Onward, but with c-caution. I don't like the look of this b-bridge. The planks look old and slippery.

Minsc - Khalid, if Minsc hadn't witnessed your valour on the battlefield, he would think you are afraid! On we go! But we all know this can't be, because no man brave enough to marry Jaheira would be scared of some puny gnolls.

Khalid - P-please Minsc, keep your voice down. Jaheira sometimes is very sensitive to...

Jaheira - What are you two mulling over, looking exactly like two old wives?

Khalid - Nothing, d-dear! Nothing! We weren't talking at all.

Jaheira - But I thought I heard...

Khalid - Maybe the wind. Yes, the wind in this g-gorge. So, what are we waiting for, Minsc? Follow me! B-but quietly!

Minsc - You know, Boo, it does my heart good to see such a display of courage. Just look at him go! Hm, now that he mentioned it , this bridge doesn't look quite safe. Let's cross carefully shall we.

Boo - *squeak*

Minsc - Yes Khalid was really brave to charge as he did... danger? Where? I see nothing... oh... *that* danger.

Jaheira - Ranger, are you talking again to that rodent? How many times did I tell you to...

Minsc - Yes, Khalid! I hear you! Minsc is coming! And he brings Boo along! *Squeak*

But now I can't seem to find my original discs and it seems... I can't find any mention of it in any mod... or in the game. How can I have just dreamt this up? If you are wondering where this comes from... It is something I posted... But I swear I copied it off the interweb!

If you can help an old timer BG fan put this to bed, I would be very happy... And I will be able to sleep again...


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