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SacklarSacklar Member Posts: 54
Shouldn't there be helms in BgEE and B2EE that r Leather, chain and so forth. I mean i would be kinda cool to be able to slap on a cloth helm on a mage or a leather mask on me rog or chain helm on my Ranger.



  • MichailMichail Member Posts: 196
    edited October 2013
    hats and masks... hm....

    Well, if they want to introduce a few new items of magical headgear for wizard or thief use, i'm all for it. A couple of extra items shouldn't be a problem and the team could even add them to the main game as a feature rather than a mod (it shouldn't be a violation of the license). But they can't add new graphics for them because the original 3d models have been lost... :-(

  • SacklarSacklar Member Posts: 54
    Not a very savy guys when in comes to the in and outs of lets say 3d models but can't a mode redo them to were they incorporate then being usable with new headgear and Masks?

  • MichailMichail Member Posts: 196
    Unfortunately, they have already decided that they can't do it, not only because it is an expensive and difficult task, but also because they don't own the copyright for the game. It was the reason for much grief when BGEE came out.

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    Most rogues already have a hood integrated into their model. Having rogue-only hood items could be feasible, just make them the same as Ioun stones (ie not changing the ingame model).

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