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Storage problem in BG:EE

YediYedi Member Posts: 4
I would love to hear you guys speak about how you solve the storage problem in BG:EE, since there are no bags of holdings in this game. Where and how are you storaging your items for futher use?

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  • ZanianZanian Member Posts: 329
    With 6 characters, and bags for scrolls, potions and gems, I have never had a problem with storage. If you just like to hoard everything, you can always use a random chest.
    Or, if you really want to, there are mods that enable Bags of Holding to be sold by vendors.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    By the end of the game, assuming you're keeping hold of all of the really "rare"/"Special" items in your inventory as well as the bag containers, I was also running pretty low on space. Not enough to be bothersome, but low.

    Problem with this was I was keeping about 6 - 8 stacks of arrows (Arrows of Fire and Arrows of Acid) on two of my characters (Archer Main Character and Imoen).

    Still, even with this, I did not find inventory space to be problematic. Keep in mind once you get to about chapter 5 / 6, you can stop picking up and selling drops...the money is useless to you. This makes inventory space much less necessary. Once I stopped picking up every random weapon and armor piece that dropped the only time I ever had an issue was with Durlag's tower, and I had to exit that one ONCE to go sell.

    Your best bet is to pick any given container in the game and use it for storage. Recommendations: That dwarf fighter's store in Berignost is a great place to consolidate stuff...good number of storage containers there to sort and separate items into. Friendly Arm Inn is another good place (first floor, chest on the right as you walk in). It's a pretty central location to just about everywhere.

    From a sales perspective, selling to High Hedge is generally considered your best option, high hedge will buy ALMOST ANYTHING so you don't end up having to sell stuff to multiple vendors...thus all the stuff you might want back in the future is all in one place.

    Please don't take offense at this because it's completely NOT intended...but if you feel the need for a bag of holding in BG:EE, you're probably doing it slightly wrong.

    Tip: If any of your bags gets full (potion, gem or scroll) and you are storing stuff outside those bags? You're definately doing it wrong. Sell off, you do not need to carry that much around.

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