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Swashbuckler weapon choices



  • SouthpawSouthpaw Member Posts: 2,026

    I love the Scarlet Ninja-to. I just think it looks super cool. The bonus damage doesn't hurt either. Pity you need to be a (part-)Thief to use it, really (or a Monk, I guess, but who plays them? And out of those that do, who use a weapon?)

    This weapon was specifically added for Monks to be able to deal with Trolls (can't be killed unless with fire or acid) which are quite abundant in BG2. Or with some other fiends that are immune to lower-enchantment weapons while the Monk's fist is not there yet.
    2APR is to overcome the gap between a Monk's fist (easily 3+ APR) and a non-fighter weapon attack (1APR).
    And it absolutely rocks, when you hold onto it with your Thief ;-)

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