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Should Dorn be doing more? (Spoilers within)

Still working on my first BG2EE game, exploring new stuff, so don't spoil me any more than is necessary please.

I've been running with Dorn and Hexxat, and am considering going to Spellhold soon. So far, Dorn has not given me any quests other than the first one he starts with,
raiding the wedding

I expect there is more stuff to do with him, yes? Note that I did deny his romance option, but I assumed he'd still have content. I'm eager to see where his story with his dark patron leads, that isn't a romance-only path right?

Before you ask, I'm roughly 35 days into the game, and Hexxat by comparison has been regularly giving me tasks. I've done a significant portion of the pre-Spellhold content. I'm worried Dorn may be bugged.

Minimalist answers are appreciated. If there's a talk I should have had, or an area I need to go, that's all I need to know. Thanks in advance.


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