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Jester Pickpocket Went Down Permanently?

When I imported my human jester, I had 19 Dex and a pickpocket score of 100.

At level 11 it increased to 105. I assume this is normal.

I loaded my game where I recently hit level 12 after rescuing Haer'Dalis, and I noticed my pickpocket was 90. This might not sound very important, but I have been using pickpocket constantly and I was looking forward to further increases making it easier to rob shops. A 20 point loss is very disheartening to me at this stage of gameplay (I can only assume it was supposed to increase to 110 rather than suddenly drop to 90).

Can anyone offer insight on this? If this isn't going to be fixed soon, are game editors easy to use and functional with BG2:EE? Because I really feel strongly about getting my pickpocket score back.


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