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How to get make Hexxat romanceable as a male

RyofuRyofu Member Posts: 250
I was messing with the global variables and finally i think i managed to get Hexxat Romanceable as a male CHARNAME. Tested it and it seems to work perfectly

In case anyone wanted to know how to do it here are the steps

1. Get EEkeeper
2. Open your save game with EEkeeper after recruiting Hexxat
3. go to the global variables tab in EEkeeper
4. Add the following Variables

HexxatMatch =1
HexxatRomance =1
HexxatRomanceActive =1
HexxatLovetalks =1

then save the game.

Load that game and Hexxat can now be romanced as a male. Test it out or accelerate using


Hope you enjoy your time with your new formerly lesbian lover :)




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