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Visual bug, window is in text box, centre screen is black!


I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I recently purchased Baulder's Gate Enhanced Edition via Steam.
I love the series, and now my nephew and I can play it together and it brings me a lot of joy.

While the game works fine on his laptop, I am unable to get it working on my computer.
I asked Steam for support, but they were very unhelpful. It is only after some digging I found this forum!

Anyway, the problem is shown in the attached image.

All sub-menus and screens work fine. The actual main screen however has a visual problem. It seems the main window is black, while all the action that would have happened there has moved to the text-box area. I can see my character move around when clicking in the black area, but obviously the game is unplayable like this.

I also have the original Baulder's Gate installed, but when I try to load the next disc after Candlekeep it crashes. This could be totally unrelated, but I didn't know if having a copy of the original game on my computer could cause issues.

Unfortunately I am not technically minded, but I have been told by my nephew my computer runs on "Window's Vista 64-bit, with an ATI Radeon 4580 Graphic's Card with up to date drivers".

If any other technical information is needed, please let me know and I will ask my nephew to do some more digging.

Kind Regards


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