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[BUG] Solaufein wont free Phaere under some circumstances

00zim0000zim00 Member Posts: 266
edited August 2013 in Original BG2 Bugs
Hey all im not using the baldurdash fix but im using the Weimer's BG2 Mods and the Weimer bg2 fix and have come come across a game breaking bug. Because im not using baldurdash i presume this has already been fixed? if so great, but im still stuck!

I am doing the Rescue Phaere quest, i have meet and spoke to Solaufein outside of the mind flayers area however he isn't freeing Phaere. If i attempt to talk to him again all he is saying is "My mind is occupied with thoughts of the future and i have no time for idle chatter." am i missing something in this quest?

I have tried using an early save and it still didn't work, so i tried to CLUA Phaere in hoping it would trigger something but she wont even talk to me.

Does anyone know a CLUA code i can use, or what to change in the global variables to progress this guest?

Any suggestions would be appropriated,

Thanks :)

Current behavior:
Sometimes Solaufein wont free Phaere outside the mind flayers area.

Expected Behavior:
Solaufein should ALWAYS free Phaere

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  • 00zim0000zim00 Member Posts: 266

    I found out the issue with why I wasn't able to get this quest to continue. It seems this can be caused by at least two things.

    After you meet Solaufein at the location where Phaere is to be freed. Solaufein starts casting a spell to free her. The spell can be interrupted and thus braking the quest by doing the following.

    1: If there is an enemy near Solaufein during the time he is casting the spell he will attempt to attack. After they are defeated he wont start casting again.

    2: If you leave the area, "eg: go into the mind flayer area". when you come back he wont continue to cast the spell.

    Current Behavior:
    After you meet Solaufein at the location where Phaere is to be freed. Solaufein starts casting a spell to free her, which i find takes about 20 seconds or so. if during this time you leave the area or engage enemies, his casting is interrupted and you cannot progress.

    Expected Behavior:
    During the spell casting sequence, all characters are frozen in place and enemies wont attack until Solaufein finishes so no opportunities can be given to the player to break the quest.

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,858
    Just a tip -- don't use Baldurdash. It is woefully outdated. BG2 Fixpack on the Gibberlings 3 is the recommended fixpack. :)

  • BTpatBTpat Member Posts: 12
    edited November 2013
    Guys anyone knows the code for Phaere? She bugged for me at her house and she wont go to the temple. I intend on killing her and respawnig her over there.

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