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File names longer than 8 characters?

BoasterBoaster Member Posts: 622
edited July 2012 in General Modding
Is there any plan to expand the file names that can be used by the game from being limited to 8 characters in length? Perhaps even to 16 or 32 characters long?

Might help in organization of new files being added into the Override.



  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,667
    I ask myself this every day.

  • BoasterBoaster Member Posts: 622
    Wisp said:

    Can't be done without altering pretty much every file format and who knows how much else. 8 characters in length is ludicrously entrenched.

    So file length isn't going to at all be "enhanced?" Booo!!!! And not that Hamster!

  • jcomptonjcompton Member Posts: 157
    Besides which, this is one of those enhancements which *should* have been supported all along, but at this point would be questionably useful for modders. Using long filenames would essentially make the mod EE-only. (Or the modder could ship a short-filename equivalent, or copy to a short filename in the TP2, but by then why bother with the long filename in the first place?)

    Helpful hint for those of you designing engines in your kitchens, though.

  • ElysElys Member Posts: 100
    @jcompton: I don't see a problem with BGEE compatible only mods. As you say If someone wanna create a new mod that would work both in BG and BGEE, he could simply use the old file formats in the first place.

    But for BGEE only mods, being able to use long filenames would certainly be a plus for readability and to easily prevent file collision with other mods.

    The only really issue is as @Wisp said, there will be the need for new file formats. So in the end, I think the question is more: Are long filenames usefulness worth the support of new file formats?
    Even I like the idea, I think like you, that at this point, it's not worth the effort, since it's about an enhanced edition and not a new game.

    Now of course, I really do hope that any new 2D game from Overhaul will allow long filenames and just not keep using the old file system :p

  • jcomptonjcompton Member Posts: 157
    Elys said:

    As you say If someone wanna create a new mod that would work both in BG and BGEE, he could simply use the old file formats in the first place.

    And this is where I again say that you defeat the "convenience" of the longer filename if you're just going to go back and support 8.3 anyway.

    Simple case:

    MyNewMod includes MyNewCre wielding MyNewLongswordWithaVeryLongNameIndeed.ITM.

    So MYNEWCRE.CRE comes pre-equipped with "MyNewLongswordWithaVeryLongNameIndeed." (Or you give it to him in a script statement, whatever.)

    But for non-EE compatibility, you'd have to do (something behind the scenes, either in the TP2 COPY statement, or with a duplicate file, doesn't matter) to change "MyNewLongswordWithaVeryLongNameIndeed" to "MNLSWRD1."

    Once you're at that point, you may as well just limp along with 8.3 as we've been doing all this time.

  • ElysElys Member Posts: 100
    edited July 2012
    @jcompton: Huh, I said it would be convenient for BGEE only mod. In such case you don't need or care about 8.3 backward compatibility. I also said I think it's not worth the implementation (because I don't expect a lot of many new mods to be created since it's not a new game.)

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 809
    It's also not that useful, ultimately. Even once you've imposed a fixed 2-3 letter prefix to avoid compatibility clashes, there are an awful lot of 5-6 letter/number names. (I'm not saying it wouldn't be useful, around the margins, but it's scarcely game-changing.)

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    Longer filenames are impossible.

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