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Hexxat BUGS

GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 799
edited December 2013 in Not An Issue
1. There are multiple things that kill Hexxat before she turns into her cloud and is allowed to return to her coffin, it is very bugged, she should either be instantly chunked, turned into her cloud, or at least warn the player that she did not flee to her coffin.
2. The Hexxat I have did not revert to her true form when Adalon's illusions were destroyed.
3. Everytime I load my game, she is at 1 Health when I load my game and the sound of her returning from her coffin is played.
4. Hexxat no longer turns into her cloud when she gets to low HP and is therefore an invincible beast now.
5. Hexxat restarted her love talks from the start.
I will probably add more to this list as I do some side quests before Bodhi's Lair.

Who do I contact to remedy this? as I can supply a save game file and this seems to have been completely ignored.
The First Attached File is the Charname's portrait(just because), second is the game.

To reproduce: Have Hexxat get hit by something that causes instant death(make sure she does NOT turn into her cloud, if she does your doing it wrong) and then raise her from the dead.

In the game, I had Hexxat get intelligence drained by mind flayers while helping save Phaere, and I had to revive her with Viconia after I found out that she was not in her coffin. I found out after I had already saved and shut the game off, since I saved Phaere and then went to sleep, quick save, full save, and auto saves filled before I noticed that Hexxat was not going to revive. Due to this, I went through the Underdark quests, up until the part where you have to receive pieces of the elder races for the summoning of the demon before raising her(I forgot Viconia was able to raise people already and was looking for a cleric).
When I raised her, the bugs above began to occur like flipping weeds.

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