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#7187 [RASAAD] Rasaad Saradush-sacked loop

mungomunkmungomunk Member Posts: 63
edited November 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
After completing almost everything chapter 2 has to offer, I recruited Rasaad to check out his quest.

However, he began to loop his dialogue about the Resurrection gorge. First it happened after I killed the adventurer group in the amphitheater. So I reloaded, did the battle again and could avoid the loop. Now, everytime I try to leave the area, I'm waylayed by those broken tears sun soul guys and do the fight. After the fight Rassad does the ressurection gorge escape. Every f***ing time.

Kicking him out of the party doesnt help, since whenever I recruit him again, the loops is immediatly there.

Also, the dialogue has no valid links or replies.

beamdog version with latest patch, no mods installed.

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