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New Class Idea / Topic / Discussing The Class Idea

IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 547
Right, so, there are Wild Mages, but, why are there no Wild Sorcerers? Surely, this should also be a class? :o

I think it would be an amazing idea. Something new to add to the Sorcerer Kit. Forgive me if my idea is bad, I just, personally, think it should technically exist, given they are Mages and thusly should also rarely be born Wild Sorcerers.

So, go! Discuss! Flaws, cons, pros, talk it all out! (Try not to be abusive or argue aggressively, sensible opinions only, please.)



Also, to further my point, Sorcerers are Mages that innately(?) memorize their spells. So, surely, there's more wild surging caused from that, than a typical Mage?

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