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[DUPE] -63hp after death. had to eekeeper character to fix save.

granola505granola505 Member Posts: 17
edited November 2013 in Not An Issue
i was in the abyssal plane(?) outdoor area of the planar sphere quest. im playing a multiplayer game with 2 player made characters and 4 npcs. my player made berzerker was killed, and i couldnt get her raised. she wasnt turned to stone or anything. i was trying to use jahieras harper call and it kept doing damage to jaheira but wouldnt revive my zerker. after i got the new eekeeper setup i found the character had -63 hitpoints. i set it to 10, reloaded the game, and everythings fine now. has anyone else encountered this? i dont remember what type of damage she recieved

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