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Now THAT's an Enhancement!

In original BG1, the quest for Mr. Colquetle of Beregost never did work properly - he'd accept the return of his son's amulet, but never gave a quest reward. Even with the bugfixes from Baldurdash and Dudleyfix, this quest never worked.

Now at last, with the Update 7 patch to BGee, Mr. Colquetle's quest finally works properly, with an XP and reputation reward.

Those players whose party-composition requires the party's reputation to be managed within particular limits should be particularly delighted to note that this quest now gives either reputation +1 or reputation -1, depending upon how you respond in dialogue with Mr. Colquetle.

It's a minor sidequest, but this is exactly the sort of attention to fixing irritating minor errors in a satisfying manner which I've been hoping to find in the Enhancement project, a genuine enhancement of gameplay. Well done, Overhaul, and thank you! Keep up the good work.

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