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[bug] review list: strength damage bonus on ranged weapons, TH0

RazaDelromRazaDelrom Member Posts: 149
edited November 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Let's collect all ranged weapons which should be reviewed.

1. Arrow of Biting adds STR dmg bonus to all bows; STR TH0 reduction.
2. Azuredge +3 melee: STR dmg bonus; ranged: STR dmg bonus + Strength TH0 reduction
3. poisoned throwing dagger ranged: only dex mod on TH0, no str mod
4. Boomerang Dagger: melee: STR dmg bonus, STR TH0 ranged: DEX TH0 no STR mods
5. K'Logarath +4 melee: STR +STR TH0 ranged: STR+DEX mod on TH0, STR dmg bonus
6. Rifthome +3 melee: STR +STR TH0 ranged: STR+DEX mod on TH0, STR dmg bonus
7. Hangard's Axe +2 melee: STR +STR TH0 ranged: STR+DEX mod on TH0, STR dmg bonus

other problems
Heartseeker +3 STR and TH0 seems ok, but under abilities you will find 3 "Heartseeker +3" quickslots with different icons

AFAIK there should
-not be a DEX and STR modifier for the TH0
-daggers should get the STR dmg mod when thrown and in melee
-no STR mod be possible for darts

feel free to add weapons

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  • SmilgeSmilge Member Posts: 104
    8. Sling of Seeking is adding both strength and dexterity bonus to THAC0, and the sling is firing 1d4 (considered +1) bullets with no bonus to THAC0 when no ammunition is used, rather than the reported 1d4+2 with +2 to THAC0.

    9. Sling of Everard is adding both strength and dexterity bonus to THAC0, and the sling is firing 1d4 (considered +5) bullets with no bonus to THAC0 when no ammunition is used, rather than the reported 1d4+2 with +5 to THAC0.

    10. Shortbow of Gensen is firing 0d6 arrows (considered +4) with no bonus to THAC0 when no ammunition is used, rather than the reported 2 + 1d8 electrical with +4 to THAC0. The +2 piercing and lightning damage are applied to the bow, so standard ammunition will still cause the bonus piercing and lightning damage intended for the phantom arrows.

    11. Tansheron's bow (purchased from Trademeet) firing 1d6 arrows that are considered +3 with no bonus to THAC0, rather than the reported 1d6 with +3 to THAC0.

    12. Tansheron's Bow (from Catti Brie) is firing 0d6 arrows, meaning no damage is done at all by the phantom arrows.

    13. Firetooth (the crossbow) fires 1d8 arrows that are considered +2 rather than reported 1d8 +4 +2 fire. The crossbow itself gives +6 to THAC0 rather than the reported +4, and the fire damage is still applied to standard bolts.

    14. Energy Blades are not properly displaying the THAC0 Calculations, though the end THAC0 appears to be correct. They are also not properly displaying damage bonuses from items, abilities, and class bonuses. In addition, they seem to set attacks per round to 5 rather than 10, and then also applying Improved Haste to the wielder. This causes an unexpected movement speed bonus. In the case of an Archer dualed into a cleric, energy blades receive the bonus missile damage from the Archer kit, and Called Shot applies to Energy Blade attacks.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Firetooth +3 the dagger is, like the Boomerang Dagger, not applying a Strength mod to ranged damage.

  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    edited December 2013
    @RazaDelrom @Smilge
    well seen) I was myself hesitating to signal (again) the '-not be a DEX and STR modifier for the TH0' for the throwing axes (that i learnt to like in bg1ee..reenforced with v1.2^).. because i already noticed that in the last BG1EE v1.2 (+STR to thac0 was not there before v1.2 indeed^..but that is also already reported in the new 1EE bug list if i remember well)...and mainly because i had 'wasted' a prof. point in axes with my blade..and that little boost to throwing axes was not so bad at all for him like as such, so well.... ;)
    ..anyway, one of the first things i noticed with 2EE..was the +STR to ranged thac0 too, yes..^

    ... but others inconsistencies are there too it seems (with other ranged weapons..but also sometimes in the same r.weapons classes..from a weapon to another..), so..clearly not normal too (or must be the same on ALL similar throwing/etc.. +the other ranged weapons that seem to have some possible different behaviours compared with their own too so..).

    Anyway.. the good news is that all that should/could be relatively easily fixed with DLTCEP imo
    ( for the last EEs versions!)
    ... only catch is that should be applied to every ('bogus') axes/etc items manually (and eventually uniformly), if really wished..but at least possible to do a personal patch on that if wanted)

    Ex (especially useful in 2EE^) ; Azuredge = code AX1H10 (.ITM section)
    ..looking under 'extended effects'.... we see 2 states one for thrown weapons / the other for melee..
    on each, there is the little 'use Strength' box in bottom right.. it comes right now with that box checked AND with melee, AND with thrown the +STR/DEX thac0 and +STR DAM obserced right now (v122030)... if you uncheck just that box for the thrown part (you let it under melee of course).. (you save the modified file under override folder only of delete that one, the initial 122030 behaviour will be back) bingo.. +STR no more applied on the thrown axes thac0..but also in their dam (only STR applied in melee now..)..
    Personnally, i would wish to have +DEX to the thac0 when thrown (but also +STR to the thrown it was in BG1EE before v12..+STR always applied in damges even when thrown - just not on thac0 that seemed logical too)..not sure how to do that too..certainly adding a new line to the thrown effects only..adding the separated STR damages then..very certainly like that to do (i think i saw that on other weapons..a specific line to add then..for specific dam +effects added if needed).^ nb: i always have BG1EE pre could be interesting to throw an eye under the same throwing axe *.itm to see how the STR (only to dam) was implemented for the throwing part...could give the trick maybe(removed later) )^

    I guess the exact same (similar) tuning could(should^) be done for every other throwing weapons, if needed so..


  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    edited December 2013
    Just looked a little under (thx to DLTCEP) the Throwing Weapons (th.axes as for me..) in BG1EE v1.0.2014 (pre v1.2)... to see how the +STR was only applied to the DAM (and not thac0), with ranged axes mode, and of course fully used in their melee mode (thac0+DAM) ;
    - to get +STR on thac0 + DAM (/range mode ): box 'Use strength' checked [BG1EE 1.2 and BG2EE v1.2.2030 so far..]
    - to get +STR thac0/DAM only on melee mode: box 'Use strength" unchecked in range mode (but always checked under melee) [quick test above]
    - to get +STR on DAM _only_ (no thac0) with ranged mode: boxes 'Use Strength' AND 'sling' checked at the same time! (and in melee mode, only the box 'use strength of course). [BG1EE pre v1.2]

    ... box 'sling' to check too to get +STR bonuses on DAM only so!.. OK) (*)

    ...all other elements can be changed according to the weapon real effects wished (weapon to modify one by one though..^) , after that (save your games with the weapon(s) targetted)... open EEKeeper to see the reference code(s) DLTCEP to modify that weapon item (edit-->ITM-->#ref code) accordingly.. quick hotfixes possible at least, here again..nice to know..thx to DLTCEP again.. */

    (*) EDIT; hm..forget it.. even with 'sling box' cheched, under BG2EE and BG1EEv1.2 engines, the +STR on thac0 is not removed (like it was for BG1EE pre1.2].. something else to find then..for that.

    and now i am looking for a personal eventual trick to be able to use the throwing axes/daggers melee modes...really like normal melee weapons, aka for a very useful thing too; dual handling melee^...a thing not possible, weirdly, with basic core rules, considering _always_ the melee mode as 'range weapon', so *ù*ù*ù forcing you to never be able to use the th.axe/dagger in melee mode with another offhand weapon..i think that too could be twicked imo...will see that for me at least..a thing i never understood too (why not possible as standard..for melee modes), that..with DLTCEP, maybe there is just another little thing to find to allow that imo (for the melee mode here)..for the melee mode at least (not considered as ranged, then, for the UI^).. */

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