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Mob Sizes in BG:EE v1.2

I've been playing BG:EE on Steam for awhile now, always on Normal difficulty, and I've noticed that since the 1.2 patch some mob sizes seem to be smaller. Skeleton and Bandit mob size seem to be the same(6-9) but Gnolls, Xzarts, Hobgoblin, and Kobolds only seem to spawn 3-4 units instead of the 5-6 I remember(I've also ran into a few solitary ghoul/ghast spawns where usually it was always 3).

Was this an intentional change? I figure it is, but I don't remember reading anything about it in the change logs and I've seen a few posts talking about mods meddling with spawn numbers so I figured I'd ask. I don't actually run any mods but I do have DLTCEP installed, so I figured I'd ask.


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