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Are angry, happy or indifferent?

DeathKnightDeathKnight Member Posts: 93
Well, now 2 is out. You have probably played enough and progressed in game. From what you are seeing, specifically corrections of bugs/glitches/exploits, are you angry, happy or the same as of old?

Are angry, happy or indifferent? 55 votes

I am very happy and satisfied! Now no one may cheat and no stoopid powergamer may enjoy his game! To hell with the original, bury the stuff!
drawnacrolParysFFGy0r1deltagoxetatankilleahYupImMadBromungomunkNoonMrpenfold666CoryNewbnietzschelivesnsrmzorichDexterCrevsDaakParasolsyndicateMrDarthMarekk 24 votes
I am very angry, damn! I cannot keep my items from 1, i cannot abuse xp, i cannot have endless money, i cannot duplicate items, i cannot have my planetar army, i cannot summon more than 5 monsters at the same battle, i cannot eliminate wild surges, i cannot enjoy my game at all comparatively to the original! Give me back my original NOW!
LiamEslerTsyrithLePommierDeathKnight 4 votes
I do not feel anything special. As long as it is BG, i don't care.
PantalionMorrandirrManicMcChipmunkErinneMarkyGirewanPokotaRyofuDisgruntlerleeuxrizar123Deverothdoshidaniastormy35Gambrit 15 votes
Stop the polls now and go play wow, you freak!
Mikewillum69VargnattSilverstarbbearTeethOnTheEyeLathraelrgalexsylvanusTheGraveDiggerGamingFreakDaevelon 12 votes


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