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BG2:EE slight item change : Girdle of Fortitude

AranthysAranthys Member Posts: 693
edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
In BG2, there's an item called Girdle of Fortitude.
This items, when used, sets the CON of the user to 18 for 8 hours.

Could this item be changed to set the CON of the user to 18 when worn, please ? It's a realy pain to always have to use the effect upon resting to benefit from that item.

Of all the "Set [STAT] of the user to 18" items, it's the only one that requires to be used to have an effect.
All the other do not, IE :

- Ring of Charisma
- Guantlets of Dexterity
- Guantlets of Ogre strength
- Girlde of XXX Giant Strength
- Mace of Strength (The +2 mace that sets strength to 18)

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  • toanwrathtoanwrath Member Posts: 621
    I actually think it is better as an activate.

    For example, Viconia has a low constitution (9 in BG2 I believe). She also has a low strength (10). I use the Girdle of Fortitude to get her 2 HP/level up to level 10, which is around 20 HP at almost any point in BG2. I then put in the girdle of hill giant strength to give her 19 strength. Now she benefits from both items.

    As an activated item, one person can benefit from two stat items that use the same slot. Also, as to the pain of reusing the item after resting, generally you also have to recast day long spells, and any other predatory spells, so I treat it as just another precast.

    [Deleted User]
  • AranthysAranthys Member Posts: 693
    Sure, it's a possible use of the belt.
    I guess I'll just mod my own belt then, for ease of use :)

    I usually give Viconia the mace that sets STR to 18. As a cleric, she won't be meleeing too much, so it's good enough for her, and my other party fighters make a much better use of the belt (that is, until TOB where you can get additional belts :) )

  • ZoimosZoimos Member Posts: 81
    I would like it to be changed, such a pain to have to use it all the time.

  • NifftNifft Member Posts: 1,065
    toanwrath said:

    I actually think it is better as an activate.

    I'll agree that the current belt is more powerful, but I don't think that automatically makes it better.

    IMHO the whole point of making an item use the "belt slot" rather than the "amulet slot" (or being a potion) should be that you incur an opportunity cost for using that item, which is that you don't get to use any other "belt slot" items while enjoying its effect.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,748
    edited August 2013
    Just going through the feature requests and came across this. This gets elminster approval (which doesn't mean anything :D ).

  • TsyrithTsyrith Member Posts: 180
    edited November 2013
    I just came upon it in BG2EE and would like to express my approval for this adjustment, either that or you lose the effect if you take the belt off. I'm all for reducing options as regards precast and micromanagement as intense as this. My inner meta-gamer chides me each time I don't reset it and equip another belt after every rest.

    Feels like cheese, such that you're damned if you do, masochistic if you don't.

    But I do approve of Airhead or Vicky not being complete one-shots. SCSII just drinks that low health right up, 30% odd more health is nice and tasty.

    edit: Also, it looks like your Spell Immunity: Thread Necromancy wore-off. How sad!

  • AranthysAranthys Member Posts: 693
    Hell yeah :p
    Wish that feature had been implemented :)

  • I would love to see this. I feel guilty for using the ability and then equipping another belt, but I feel stupid when I don't use the ability and then equip another belt. Intuitively, having it function like the giant strength belts would make more sense to me.

  • EAngelos89EAngelos89 Member Posts: 4
    edited November 2013
    I made a little mod for you guys, tested and working. Removes the charge effect and adds a stat modifier for the Constitution value to 18 while worn. Sadly I will not be able to provide a fitting corrected item description for the time being as hacking the description requires modifying the dialog.tlk file, so until I come up with a TLK patcher, you'll have to live with a faulty item description, also I'd have to update the description in all languages. In my copy of the game the description is updated. :P

    Just place the provided belt09.itm file from the zip file into your override folder. ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\override" for instance)

    To return the item's effect back to normal, deleting the belt09.itm file from the override folder should suffice.


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  • @EAngelos89 Hey, just now saw this...thanks for the file!

  • TvrtkoSvrdlarTvrtkoSvrdlar Member Posts: 353
    edited December 2013

    Here, have this:

    It's a mod that streamlines many of the items found in the game (fortitude girdle and greenstone amulet being two among them).

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that yes, it works fine with BG2EE, but you need the newest Weidu to install it.

  • AranthysAranthys Member Posts: 693
    Heya :D
    Actually, I was the one that made that request to that mod author to include this into his item pack :p

    But thanks !

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