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*SPOILER ALERT* BG2EE Wild Surge for PC (Conjurer) when using Special Ability Slow Poison

I am just beginning Chapter 2 of BG2EE with my player character, and I went to Neera's Wilderness area. I fought the talking snake, which poisoned Rasaad. I used the special ability of CHARNAME to slow poison, and when I did, a Wild Surge (Held) occurred!

I doubt this was intended behavior, particularly since it was an ability not a spell...but I suppose it could be possible that the Wilderness area is supposed to cause everything to Wild Surge? It at least seemed like a bug to me...

Save attached. Scroll up the log a small amount in the message window to see that CHARNAME, a conjurer, used the Slow Poison ability, which resulted in a Wild Surge!


  • EmptinessEmptiness Member Posts: 238
    It would be nice if the Bhaalspawn abilities circumvented Surge events and Antimagic - but they don't. I believe that they also functioned in this way in the original BG2 (although of course the specific area you were in didn't exist before EE).

  • butsambutsam Member Posts: 46
    Surge events were supposed to occur for a character that is *NOT* a wild mage??? (The main character is *not* a wild mage, but it happened when the main character did an ability.)

    Is this a property of the area, or is this a property in general in BG2EE? It certainly didn't work that way for Conjurers in BG2....

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    In a place with talking snakes, you cannot be surprised by wild surges!
    It is debatable if the bhaalspawn powers are subject of surges, they are closer to divine than arcane.

  • FoggyFoggy Member Posts: 297
    The area you speak of is a wild magic zone, meaning a wild surge might occur whenever you cast a spell or use an innate ability regardless of the caster magic school or class. Neera even warns about a warp in the weave who cause this wild magic. You might have encountered a similar area in Watcher's Keep if you played ToB. So yes it is intended behavior.

  • butsambutsam Member Posts: 46
    OK, so that is intended behavior, not a bug then...I just haven't had it happen before, or at least didn't notice an obvious event on the roll when I did Watcher's Keep my first time through ToB...but then again, I was an Undead Hunter that time, so I wasn't doing a lot of casting with my own character, and I tend to follow the others less closely.

    Thanks for the clarification!

  • ErinneErinne Member Posts: 151
    Well, the whole of Watcher's Keep isn't a wild magic area - only a few rooms in the maze level are, iirc. It's entirely possible that you just didn't do any casting in those.

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