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Dualing Imoen at 7 (as Canon), where to level with minimal traps/reloads?

I'm making a Dwarven Fighter/Cleric to run the canon party with and my intent is to dual Imoen at level 7 to keep up with the Canon. The problem is that if I do that, I seem to remember roughly starting Baldur's Gate not long after. Are there any particular quests/areas (other than the basilisk map) that I should save that will allow me to get her level up quickly while also minimizing the amount of traps I will encounter?



  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    As I plan out my first full BG EE to BG 2EE RP'ing Single-player playthrough, this is really bothering me too. I want to be as RP-accurate as possible, but at the same time, I prefer to play 'as blind as possible'. I have played a full playthrough of BG EE already, and I am currently involved in 2 BGEE MP games too, so clearly I cannot erase my memory of what I know, but I prefer to make decisions ingame for entirely roleplay choices, and avoiding specific quests, farming xp for Imoen etc, seems hugely metagamey.

    I even considered dropping Imoen altogether and getting another thief, which would actually be a bit easier to explain RP-wise and still be consistent for the beginning of BG 2. But I really like Immy, and don't particularly like the other thieves...

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    Ankhegs, Sirines on the lighthouse map and Basilisks are the quickest and safest ways to get several thousand XP quickly and (with a bit of preparation) safely for dual classing.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    edited December 2013
    Saving the Sirine and Ankheg map until after she duals is essential.


    [Spoiler]Ya I had to do all of candlekeep without a thief there too. That hurt, I did more resting in that little area than I had done in other chapters combined. I was primarily using Yeslick or my Dwarven Wizard Slayer PC to open most things/trip most. And I had Yeslick running the find traps spell. Still it was a nightmare.[/Spoiler]

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