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Map markers

kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
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Chieftain's House

@Dave @AndreaColombo
Please give us some context (e.g. area, chapter etc.) as chieftain has different meanings in German.

Same for 27564 Ambush Site: Do you mean these little ambush maps or is it an ambush site on the way to Beregost or something else?


  • KerozevokKerozevok Member Posts: 695
    @kangaxx 27558 - It's the house of Kaishas Gan (TOSC - werewolf)
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,452
    @kangaxx - To my recollection, the "Ambush site" is where CHARNAME and Gorion are ambushed by Sarevok and his goons at the beginning of the game. It is then marked as "Ambush site" on the map so that players may easily find Gorion's corpse.
  • OgaburanOgaburan Member Posts: 83

    I dont think you are right on this one. I think it means the map where charname meets Dorn.
    Its actually used allot for ambushes when going in or out of Neshkal southwards....

    Its an unusual ambush map, as you can save in it and even leave party members there and re-find them when/if you get ambushed again.
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,452
    edited December 2013
    @Ogaburan - Nah, I'm still fairly confident I was correct :)

  • OgaburanOgaburan Member Posts: 83
    lol, my bad.
    Note to self: Never post drunk.
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