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Immortality bug

My brother and I are trying to slog through the whole thing on insane, as a way to keep in touch while apart in college, mad thanks to BG 2 EE crew for reviving and revitalizing this game, but I must say it's been loaded with bugs so far. The most noteworthy example is that people who are supposed to die or leave for quest reasons give us their parting speeches, walk off, and then just remain in the party. Imoen has been helping us in the search for Imoen. That pale girl that Hexxat used was still in our party with the new improved Hexxat. Jaheira died of the curse (Baron Ployer did not appear in his home), but remained with us and has sporadic HP seizures. Not to complain, it's only been more the interesting so far, and I'm hoping our party will be 2 PCs / 2 Imoens / Zombie-Jaheira by the end with no logjams, but I just thought these bugs might be of interest to people seeking to correct them. Anyone else had this?


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