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Rotate Party Formation - iPad

PaladinPaladin Member Posts: 335
Is it possible to rotate your party's formation on the iPad? I do not mean the rearranging of character portraits - but rather the actual rotation of their physical alignment when in formation. I haven't found a way of doing so yet and I feel this really hinders strategic planning. Any help?


  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 915
    Unfortunately not. Really the only way to do it now is pause and place you characters one at a time.

  • PaladinPaladin Member Posts: 335
    edited December 2013
    Wow, that really surprises me. It seems like an obvious feature to include. Is this something we might see patched in? Any reason for it's exclusion that has been announced? Thanks for the reply.

  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    Paladin said:

    Wow, that really surprises me. It seems like an obvious feature to include. Is this something we might see patched in? Any reason for it's exclusion that has been announced? Thanks for the reply.

    I wish this was included too, and it ought to have been possible.
    I think the reason is that the obvious way to implement this feature, would be to use the same gesture, (two fingers to rotate), that is currently used to zoom in and out.
    Maybe a dedicated zoom button for that would have been a better solution, it would free up the two finger gesture to rotate.

  • PaladinPaladin Member Posts: 335
    Hm. That's a good thought Bytebrain. That probably is why. I agree, a dedicated Zoom button might be better - either that or a button to rotate the party's formation. I find I never use the Zoom anyhow, it makes the game look way too pixelated.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,154
    This will do good, well, I don't care much, since I've got the game for iPad I only play solo runs, WAAAAAAY easier for iPad, and waaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier.
    Without XP cap :D I hate limits, and reaching 10/11 F/M in BG1 is amazing!!!!!!!

  • PaladinPaladin Member Posts: 335
    That's not a bad idea. What makes it easier to do solo runs on the iPad? Any class suggestions?

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    The lack of party rotation makes it impossible to play anything but a solo or duo for me on the ipad. Just can't stand the micromanagement.

    For solo I have a Fi/Th multiclass wearing heavy armor for fights doing quite well. Has reached the level limit around Cloakwood, have stopped playing him until I get around to messing with the XP cap remover.

    It is possible to solo with the cap in place but I just need to still get better for my motivation to go on playing. :)

  • davemodavemo Member Posts: 147
    Because pinch to zoom is a standard touch gesture, changing that will lead to too much confusion. But, to be honest, I am always zoomed all the way out and never feel the need to zoom in closer. Perhaps if I needed more exact party management I would zoom in.

    Since pinch to zoom is standard, rotation is probably what should be given a button. Another option could be a rotate slider that has a toggle button to make it appear/disappear. Or, 3 finger slide. Does the game use 3 finger slide yet? Left/up could be counter clockwise rotation, right/down could be clockwise.

  • vkbestvkbest Member Posts: 42
    mmm maybe I´m wrong because my english is not good enough, but when I rearrange the portraits of characters, and select all them with the button for it, characters automatically rearranged with the portraits formation order when they begin to walk

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    Yes, but what we are referring to is that on the PC version you can set a waypoint and then rotate the party formation so that the frontline will be "in the back" - you can basically run away and have your tanks guard the rear while the archers and mages set up for the next attack.

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