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Almost finished BG:EE on ipad (1.2v is awesome)

Been having a blast the entire time i've spent on my ipad. Normally i'm not a fan of ipad games, since most of them are just glorified mobile games. But this one along with shadowrun have been a nice treat. I've beaten BG trilogy so many times on PC I've forgotten the amount.

Bought the ipad bg ee a year ago and it was pretty bad in terms of bugs, lag and clunky interface. With the 1.2 version everything (besides minor bugs) have been a very fun ride.

The game besides a few minor gripes feels quite natural using the touch interface.

Did they buff the demon knight in durlags tower? Sure he was hard in original, but to me he was a LOT harder this time around?

Next up is my worst enemy in the entire trilogy: Aec'Letec
Then just the city of baldurs gate, then i'm done, eagearly waiting BG2 on ipad.

Beamdog have done a tremendous job on the 1.2. Just goes to show it would be downright magical if they could port all DD games on the ipad/android (planescape torment oh my)

Hope the android users will get a chance to experience bg ee soon.

Thank you beamdog for the 1.2 patch!



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