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Requesting savefile

PumaPuma Member Posts: 3
Hello. I recently finished BG EE almost 100% run (did not clear durgan tower dungeon or something with that name, crazed wizard and all that). Fun part begins after, when my computer decided to get both of its hard drives corrupted. Of course, restoring the system was not that bad, however, given that I recently finished bg:ee I don't feel like starting over again. I've simply played enough of that game to last me a long time. Then, bg2:ee came out and I really waited for this. The problem is, I don't have the save to transfer my character from and going over everything again is... Just no.

I was wondering if you good gentlemen and bg enthusiasts would happen to have a bg 1:ee savefile to share with a broken soul while he is still neutral good. I'm asking for these characteristics, but I am going to take just about anything as long as it's good-oriented, midhigh-reputation run.
-main char is a female elven fighter (shhh) specialized in longsword and fighting sword and shield style (max level)
-went with neera's sidequest
-around 100% good run with golden pantaloons
-minsc, dynaheir, neera, viconia and imoen in party at all times

Thanks in advance. <3

PS. I had no idea where to post this, so anyone willing to put this topic in the right place is free to do so


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