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Viconia's alignment won't change

So I've been very careful with what I've been saying to her, but she's still Neutral Evil so I figured I made one incorrect dialogue choice or something.

Is there actually a working CLUAConsole command that let's you cycle through your dialogues with her, regardless of them being event-driven, or do I have to play from an older save and redo everything?


  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 426
    Using the CLUA to change the strings in LoveTalk's is usually a very bad idea, as it often ends up looping or just losing the plot entirely. Definately your last option.
    (And no, many LT's in ToB are in fact event specific, especially the ones that happen in pocketplane)

    Are you sure however that you've reached the point where her alignment should change? How far into ToB are you? Are you running mods?

    If memory serves this day (it very well may not) Viconia's alignment changed just before I was to fight Yagashura, last i romanced her.. years ago.

  • ChildmanChildman Member Posts: 14
    Hmm, I see. I guess it would be better if I re-loaded from an earlier save, then. Luckily, I have a save of where I just left Saradush. And yes, I am running mods, but nothing incompatible.

    I've currently killed all the Bhaalspawn, save for Balty, so I'm quite farther into the game than that. Her romancing dialogues must be *very* specific considering I chose very sympathetic and kind replies.

  • ChildmanChildman Member Posts: 14
    edited December 2013
    Is it possible to miss specific love talks? According to a guide I'm using, I'm a couple love talks ahead (just got the post Yaga-Shura love talk.)

    Edit; It appears so. Advise for anyone who wants to pursue romances in this game: Use a guide and do tons of research.

  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 426
    I guess guides are useful if you're after specific outcomes.. but they do spoil some of the fun too xD

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