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[Mod Request] Familiar Treatment

PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
Just wondering, would someone more competent than myself mind adding the following conversation option to the Familiar conversation tree?

"Here, drink this."
Close conversation, take one healing potion from your inventory and familiar uses it.

Without a healer or a regenerating familiar a nice in character treatment option like this would be wonderful, and stop me having to rest eleven days before my pet rodent stops being a sissy.


  • KenethKeneth Member Posts: 25
    You don't have a single healer in your party?

    Putting your familiar in your backpack and releasing it should probably heal it too.

    If you really want a mod for potions, it's a fairly painless DIY procedure.

    Use PartyHasItem("POTN08") for the response trigger and then TakePartyItem("POTN08") and UseItem("POTN08",Myself) for the action. FAMIL1/2/3.DLG are the dialog files you need to edit, and it's just a bit of clicking in DLTCEP or NearInfinity.

    It's even easier with WeiDU, you just use EXTEND_BOTTOM on the correct states with the same thing in each file.

    Something like:
    EXTEND_BOTTOM famil1 6 7
    IF ~PartyHasItem("POTN08")~ THEN REPLY ~Here, drink this.~ GOTO f1

    IF ~~ THEN BEGIN f1
    SAY ~Oh, thank you, master!~
    IF ~~ THEN DO ~TakePartyItem("POTN08")
    UseItem("POTN08",Myself)~ EXIT
    Note that I have not tested this code, and I've been up too long, so there may be errors. It's just a sample. If I didn't screw it up, it should add the option of handing your familiar a potion of healing after you've asked how it's doing and it tells you that it is hurt (states 6 and 7 in famil1.dlg).

    The corresponding states are 5 and 6 in famil2.dlg and famil3.dlg, I think.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Thanks a lot. I typically solo at least a large part of BG "Boy and his Ferret" style, so no healing spells until I get to Nashkel, which is usually not until I'm level 5 or so. I'll have a play at getting this to work.

    I've tried Familiar in my pack, but for the non-regenerating ones, even resting with it in the pack doesn't seem to heal it at all.

  • KenethKeneth Member Posts: 25
    You know, if you wanna go for easy mode, you could also just add the ApplySpell(Myself,CLERIC_HEAL) action to the action list of when the familiar gets shoved into your bag. There's 8 such places in the three DLG files, one for each type of familiar.

    In this fashion:
    GiveItemCreate("FAMFAIR",Player1,0,0,0) // Fairy Dragon
    It should probably work, and there's no need to expand the dialog trees then.

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