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Realistic in-game time limit for a fun challenge?

Ziva75Ziva75 Member Posts: 25
edited January 2014 in Challenges and Playthroughs
I'm new to imposing any kind of 'challenge' on my playthrough, but the idea of having an in-game time limit intrigues me.

My only problem, is that I have no idea what kind of time limit would be 'realistic'. I always usually go over 200 days, but that's because I'm spam-resting a LOT, and of course I'm allowed to explore every nook and cranny of the game.

Will put on a 10-reload limit as well.

What are some good average numbers for a player new to taking any kind of 'challenge' at all? This would be for vanilla BG EE 1, core difficulty rules.


  • DrusycDrusyc Member Posts: 44
    My non-mage games normally last me ~40-60 days. In my last Half-Orc Swashy run, I dumped most of my thieving points into pickpocketing (since yoshimo/Imoen could cover traps/locks) and that run was under 30 days since I could freely recharge fireball/cloudkill/monster summoning wands, so all Imoen/Aerie needed rests for was to clear the fatigue status.

    Not saying this is a fair way to look at the game, but if you put a fair pace between metagame resting and no-resting at all even on hardcore because your thief has kleptomania, well...

    maybe 80-90 days? Down to 60 if you RP easy access to gold and your CHARNAME is in a rush to get his/her and Imoen's soul back. The former would be fairer because some battles require a lot more prep than Carsomyr + wands + stolen everything, 'specially in SCS, and even more especially if you limit reloads.

  • Ziva75Ziva75 Member Posts: 25
    What about for BG 1 though?

    And wow... those are some low limits (at least for me). Though again, I bet if I actually 'try' to minimize my playtime, it will shorten quite a bit.

  • DrusycDrusyc Member Posts: 44
    I'm not a major fan of resting in general because although I "metagame" in that my CHARNAMES always have scores of ~92-95 (hours of rolling) and I know the encounters, my mages aren't the focal point of my teams - I run with potions of strength + protection breaking spells.

    With BG1... oh, geez. It's been a long time personally. They run "longer" for me because there's more traveling. I ran with the canon 5 + CHARNAME almost every game (I'm boring). Fighter types go through in about 60 days, rogue types in 65-75 and mages are 75+ personally.

  • Ziva75Ziva75 Member Posts: 25
    hehe wow, good to know. nice to have something to compare to; and yes, I must spam rest a lot.

    Granted sometimes I'll rest just to get rid of evening travel.

  • That1DudeThat1Dude Member Posts: 19
    Wow sounds hard, currently already on 26 days 20 hours on my current BG2 playthrough although I've managed to complete around half of the side quests for chapter 2&3. Could have saved a couple days travel by skipping Neera's side quest, lots of travel time. Gained some time since my charname is a sorcerer that i soloed Bg1 with so he started out at lv 12 or 13 I think.

  • SeveronSeveron Member Posts: 214
    edited January 2014
    I ran a game for BG1 where I did pretty much every quest in the game, traveled and explored each area once and minimised the backtracking so that I should only ever visit each zone once. I roleplayed my rest as well, so that every 16 hours of travel I would have the party rest. Including travel between zones, I would rest once if the journey would likely take too long in one go. I would not rest in dungeons as I don't think you would in that circumstance. I wouldn't rest after every battle to regain spells, meaning I had to conserve spells for when they were really needed.
    I think it took about 125 days for the party to get to the end. This also includes a lengthy time at sea when departing from Ulgoths Beard.

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